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As some of our most valued relationships, these partners’ offerings complement Agilis products & services to provide complete solutions that can be flexible and modular to suit client priorities. More than that, we “eat our own dog food” – every one of these companies is a vendor for our own internal needs.

All company names and logos are trademarks of their respective corporations or subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Pioneering business technology for nearly 100 years, IBM has shaped the industry like no other company. Today, Agilis incorporates their robust Enterprise, Cloud, and HPC products and services into our own unique solutions.

Having transformed business and personal computing with productivity and messaging applications like Windows, Office, and Exchange, Microsoft’s more recent Office 365, Azure, and Surface products and services are now also key components of Agilis IT infrastructure design & solutions. 

AWS continues to extend the realm of Cloud computing, at exceptional value and capability, to redefine what is possible. Our team members have worked with their platform in areas ranging from live video streaming and digital assets management to disaster recovery and hosted desktops.

Google’s innovations in search, ads, containers, and more have vaulted it to the top of the tech industry for close to 20 years.

As a one-of-a-kind force in numerous computing hardware categories, Lenovo leads the way in client, server, and network computing hardware for businesses at all scales, including Enterprise and HPC. The Think, Yoga, and System X product lines in particular are key parts of the Agilis spectrum of offerings.

DiskStation Manager and its remarkable integrated stack of packages, features, and services have put an end to limitations for a vast spectrum of organizations at all levels. It has transformed workflows for many thousands of businesses and a number of Agilis clients.

A combination of experience, vision, and skills has made GACGS a key collaborator in delivering managed infrastructure, consulting, advanced solutions, and branding/marketing services to hospitality, healthcare, and SMB clients.

With unique solutions for integrated IT infrastructure management, redundancy, and security, RG System plays a key role in delivering high-quality Agilis managed services to suit clients of all stripes. 

A visionary provider of VoIP telecom services, OnSIP is the choice for many of the most recognizable companies in tech. Its versatility, value, and ease of use are all key reasons we have made it a part of the Agilis services offering.

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